Avoid Getting “Quartered” In Omaha High-Low

Getting quartered in Omaha Hi-Lo poker is when you end up winning only a quarter of the pot in online poker or poker tournaments. This situation occurs when you hold the low side of the pot, while your opponent gets the high side. This might happen to many players due to oversight. A situation of being quartered is expensive to the players in poker strategy. Instead, you can play poker and avoid such a pitfall. It can happen if you hold a low card which plays on your nut and then appears on the street. When the betting gets over and the pot is about to be split, you might find an opponent with a weak ace-two and a 2-pair stealing the pot. On the upside this may mean a 25 cent on every dollar, but you might end up losing out on the big game for which you placed your bet in the first place.

This variations force you to learn poker better to be equipped to handle the vagaries of poker strategy. Online poker is no different. Having ace-two is a good thing in a starting hand with some suits, a low point card or a pair of other cards. Hence, being quartered in poker tournaments becomes difficult.

Still, there are ways to not being stuck while you play poker by following certain rules and strategies. Try playing late positions with a safe backup in your starting hand. A two hand with another card can always help to get you to the high pot in poker tournaments. If you keep playing your cards later than others, it will give you time to know other players’ poker strategy. Signs of being quartered are when you have a bare ace-two in a multi game pot and a synched low on the flop.

Another way of detecting a quartered position is when opponents announce the strength of their holdings before or after a flop. Watching the flop is important to understand your quartered position arriving, when you play poker. Online poker players betting with nuts but calling with non-nut hands and draws is a serious sign of a quarter position poker strategy for you. Tight players betting and an increase in bets from them should signal, whether your ace-two with its double companions are going to hold for a large pot.

Hence, proper choice of starting hands, playing late positions, and knowing what one’s opponents are betting on or for, while they play poker, can help you get out of quartered positions.

Psychology of Losing Poker

When someone is an avid online poker player one of the most important concepts to incorporate into their game plan is learning how to master both psychological responses and physiological responses not only in the self, but in their abilities to be able to read other people effectively. The reasons why these concepts are important in the art of being able to play poker efficiently is because it gives the poker player many valuable signals that can help in knowing when to play and when not to play. It also helps prevents them from forming an addiction, which can occur if the player is not able to cope with losing the right way.

During times of arousal as well as stress the body undergoes an array of different functions such as, increase in heart rate, a raise in blood pressure, an increase in adrenaline, mental anguish as well as churning in the stomach. These symptoms can occur doing losing, so in order for someone to be able to counteract these physiological and psychological responses they continue playing to help ease this physical and psychological discomfort.

They do this because they have high hopes of winning, having a better sense of well being and the body is no longer tense and uncomfortable. It is also very important that the person has an incredible amount of patience or learns to be patient because in being able to play poker and be successful at it is a key concept. It is also important to learn how to remain calm and have a positive outlook no matter whether they win or lose. By incorporating these techniques a person can decrease the chances of becoming addicted to this sport.

There are many places online where a serious poker player can play games of free poker to practice and polish their skills, many of which also have poker tournaments available throughout the entire day. Some games you are able to hone your skills by playing alone, or if you are more of a competitor you can play against other players.

So whether you are enjoying a new hobby or are a serious professional poker player learning how to control your psychological and physiological responses are essential in becoming a great poker player. This concept is ideal for not only helping your overall sense of well being but is essential in preventing the game from developing into a harmful addiction where you can lose more then just poker chips.

Poker World Tour

What Is The World Poker Tour?

The WPT (World Poker Tour) is a sequence of worldwide poker tournaments. The tournaments play host to a number of the world’s best poker players. The World Poker Tour first came to fame in the USA, when a man named Steven Lipscomb came up with the idea and got it off the ground. Steven Lipscomb is now the CEO of WPT Enterprises which is a company that oversees the World Poker Tour.

The WPT is a Texas Hold ‘em poker tournament. The tour is held all over the world but the majority of the tournaments are held in the country that started the tour, the USA. Since the Tour became televised the game of poker has became a widely popular game, with poker players joining games online in poker rooms. The World Poker Tour has a number of sponsors, mainly sponsors in the Casino and Poker niche.

Background of the World Poker Tour

In 2002 and the beginning of 2003, the World Poker Tour really took off. It was handed its debut towards the end of 2002 and the first final of the tour was held in April of 2003 in Las Vegas. The first ever series of the Poker World Tour was televised on the Travel Channel for American cable viewers to watch. The sixth series of the tour was televised on GSN and would take place in the spring of 2008.

GSN showed the sixth series, known as the Mirage Poker Showdown, and World Poker Tour Enterprises made a shock announcement that the seventh series would be live and exclusive on Fox Sports Net.

World Poker Tour Commentary

The WPT show is hosted and commentated on by Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten. These two commentators give viewers the feeling that they do live recorded commentary and that they interact with the players on certain occasions.

They record comments about ‘Hole Cards’ after the tournament has taken place as gaming rules stop them from doing so. This means that the commentary many viewers see is not live, but a mixture of live feeds and post-recorded commentary.

Who Can Play WPT?

Almost anyone with money to burn and knowledge of poker can play on the WPT. The ‘buy in’ amount to play is anywhere from $2,500 to $25,000.

Viewers at home watching can see the cards that players have got, all thanks to a small camera underneath the poker table.

World Poker Tour for Ladies

WPT stated in January 2008 that there would be a similar tournament set up so that women could play, this would be called WPT Ladies. The tour will have five events, and a buy in of $300 to $1,500. The final tournament is set to be shown live on television.

How to improve your blackjack skills

Many blackjack players are looking for ways to improve their blackjack skills. There are four guaranteed ways to improve. If you’re trying to take your blackjack game to another level, it is imperative that you do not skip a step in the series below.

(1) Know your limits. Blackjack should be a very dispassionate affair. Do not feel lucky, do not bet because you feel lucky, and do not chase a “run.” If prior to your session, you have predetermined a spread of 1-5 betting units, do not chase a hunch and throw 30 units in the middle of the betting circle. Know your limits and follow the training you’ve done prior to sitting at that blackjack table.

(2) Learn Blackjack basic strategy. Every rule change made to the game of blackjack means a new basic strategy chart. There is no substitution for learning basic strategy inside and out. Are you supposed to double down on an A-4 vs. a dealer’s up-card of 4? You should know this for the game of your choice without thought or hesitation. Even the most sophisticated card counters all have a grasp of basic strategy.

(3) If you intend to count cards, learn the plus-minus system first. It is the easiest system to master and it is kind-of like vanilla ice cream with the pros. The pros get out there and sample every flavor, but they always return back to vanilla. Vanilla is the plus-minus system. It is easy and effective. When playing by the plus-minus system, low cards (valued at 1-6) are a plus one. Medium cards (7-9) are neutral. High cards (face cards and aces) are worth minus one. The higher the count in the plus-minus system, the more rich the deck is in tens and aces, and therefore, the better it is for the player. Adding this simple counting technique to your bag of tricks will greatly improve your blackjack game.

(4) The final recommendation is to go further and get into the minds of the blackjack dealers by becoming one of them. Courses are cheap in Las Vegas – $299 for blackjack is fairly standard. And for that money, you will learn all of the proper procedures and will be able to get into the minds of the casinos. After you learn the triggers and what the casinos are looking for, you’ll surely have a great way to play their own game against them. For school recommendations, the best choice is Las Vegas is Gold Star School of Gaming. Not only are the instructors excellent, but they have all had high-end casino experience. Some schools have teachers who have never even dealt at a Strip property. Heck, some schools really save on payroll by having students teach other students. You’ll find the best blackjack in Vegas at Gold Star.

Good luck with your journey on improving your blackjack skills. Remember to know your limits, learn proper blackjack basic strategy, learn the plus-minus system for counting cards, and get some experience at a dealing school. These basic four steps should give you a good leg up at the casinos.

Casino Games on Android

Isn’t it amazing where our cell phone technology takes us these days? A decade ago, would you ever have thought you’d be playing casino games on your android? Today, there are entire businesses that exist around this concept: mobile casino games.

There are a lot of options to choose from, as casino games on the Android include bingo, keno, blackjack, craps, roulette, baccarat, pai gow poker, regular poker, and a variety of slot machines. Every player has their preference, but there are a couple games I prefer and I would like to highlight those for you.

First is casino blackjack. This is a simple game, and therefore quite simple to play on your android. The player and dealer each receive two cards and the closest to 21 without going over, is the winner. Should the player go over 21 first, he automatically loses, even if the dealer goes over 21 too. This is part of the advantage of being the house. Wins are paid one for one, except in the event of a natural blackjack (an ace and a ten value card) when the player, should he win, is paid three to two. The house advantage is not too bad for players who know blackjack basic strategy, so study up!

Another game that doesn’t have too big of a house edge is baccarat. Baccarat was made famous by James Bond, as it is the 007 game of choice, and yes, you may play it happily on your android. Baccarat is a rather slow-paced game, equivalent to flipping a coin and betting whether it comes up heads or tails, however in the case of baccarat, heads or tails is really player or banker. Prior to the start of the hand, players make bets on either ‘player’ or ‘banker.’ These terms have nothing to do with the player or the casino – they could just as easily be called ‘apples’ and ‘oranges.’ Each side has two cards and the closest side to the number nine wins. (For card tallying, all numeric cards are worth their value, aces are worth one, and face cards are worth ten.) There is no “busting” in baccarat as there is in blackjack. The digit in the tens position is simply not calculated into the total score. So 14, is really 4 in baccarat. There are a variety of rules as to win the player and banker are supposed to draw a third card, but you don’t have to worry too much about that. Your android will do all of the work on this casino game.

Last, but not least, is my favorite game, the personal lottery, also known as keno. If you play this game, you can play the lottery on your android all day long. Choose the numbers you think will hit – you can choose one number or fifteen – it doesn’t matter. Just like the lottery, there is a jackpot for hitting all numbers, but also consolation prizes if you just get a few right.

So whether your interest lies in blackjack, baccarat, keno, or one of the numerous other casino games, you can begin playing these games on your android. You can play for free or for money. Just look for the apps, download, and have fun!

Slot Machine Madness

Online casinos have been an almost unparalleled success story of the internet age. Aside from that the fact that very few people could have predicted their popularity, after over ten years of growth they continue to attract new players, and big new companies into the marketplace.

One such example of an established name that now runs a big online casino is Sky Vegas, owned by the same company as the Sky television broadcaster, SkyVegas has quickly established a major part in the market.

A lot of this is to do with remarkably generous sign up offers. Sign up to play the Rainbow Riches game and they’ll give you free game credit. It’s important to remember that this is game credit, because although a lot of sites say £10 or something equivalent, it’s not money that you can immediately withdraw.

In fact, games like rainbow riches are a great way of starting off with an online casino. It’s a game that requires limited skill, is almost endlessly entertaining, and as you get your attractive signing on bonus when you sign up, you can play (and potentially win money) without ever having to risk anything of your own.

Another reason why online casinos are such a remarkable success story is that they continue to pull in customers from other locations. Take Facebook, for example, there are loads of games on Facebook that are also found in online casinos, people start off having a play whilst spending some time on the world’s most famous social network and then get hooked on the game and fancy playing it in a different environment.

Hence, a lot of these people end up joining online casinos, because they offer the same sorts of games that people know and love but often with a little twist, or simply with a better game engine and graphics.

Of course, the best thing about most online casinos is that you don’t have to spend any money at all if you want to play. Obviously you can play for money and hopefully win from time to time, but you can simply play games that you enjoy, and occasionally make the most of sign on bonuses and other attractive offers to win a little money on the side. In hindsight, it’s no real surprise that online casinos are so popular!

Free Casino Games

If you use to spend your time on the Internet and you want to try your luck on gambling sites, then you should know some important things about this activity. If you are a beginner in casino games or you just want to improve you gambling skills I would suggest you to play on an on-line casino. What do you need to play free casino games? First of all you need a computer and an internet connection then the first condition is that of age. You must be at least 18 years old in order to play. In addition, you need a debit or a credit card with which to register. All you have to do is to search on the internet for an on-line casino and then you need to register and download the free software which is offered on site.

You can play free casino games without any problems at any on-line casino because they offer free gaming possibility, unlike real casinos, the ones in your city where you can’t practice and learn without giving away some money. To play for free you just need to open an account as a fun player or play for fun and you will receive a virtual amount of money (a few thousand chips), with which you can try almost all the games. You can play against virtual players like a computer for example, or against real players which are playing for fun too.

Let GamblingCity.net be your guide to the best slots on the web with links to all the top casinos and resources.

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